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Site Last Updated Today: August 15, 2018
Updated January 28, 2008 Justin lost his job so his girlfriend has been paying the bills. It's 3 months since he's brought home any money and his girlfriend is sick and tired of him being so lazy. She decided since she was acting like the man in the family she was going to treat him like the bitch! She pulls out a strapon and tells him if he wants to not work, he's going to have to learn how to become the women in the relationship and that all women must know how to take a cock deep in their ass!


Updated January 21, 2008 Cassandra caught her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman and was very pissed off. He had no job and no where to go so instead of kicking him out of their apartment she decided to get revenge. She told him if he wanted to remain her boyfriend he was going to have to be taught a harsh lesson! She pulled out a glass dildo and gave him his options. Take it deep into his ass or move out. He reluctantly decided to take it deep!


Bonus Update
Bonus update January 21, 2008 It was Sativa Rose's birthday so her boyfriend Van sent her roses at work. When she got home she was so happy to see him. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a thoughtful boyfriend. She decided to show him how much she loves him by giving him an amazing handjob. Watch as she strokes his cock while he sucks on her firm breasts and fingers her tight pussy!


Updated January 14, 2008 Layla had hired a local kid to do some gardening around her house. Layla had left her pocketbook outside by the hottub the night before and when the new gardener came over and noticed it, he couldn't resist taking a peek inside. Layla came out at just the right moment and caught him red-handed. She dragged him inside and threatened to call the police. He said he'll do anything she wants and she takes him up on the offer. She pulled out her strapon dildo and shoved his punishment right up his ass!


Updated January 1, 2008 Rolff was nailed by his girlfriend Brittney when she found out he had cheated on her with her best friend Rochelle. She slapped him in the face and wanted to kick him out of her house, but she had a brainstorm and decided on a better way to punish him. She fetched a strapon dildo her girlfriend left and put it on. She ordered Rolff to strip and then she bent him over the couch and fucked him up the ass hard!


Updated December 24, 2007 Jen Harding found a boy snooping around her yard one day and threatened to call the police. He had a record of breaking and entering and didn't want to go to jail so he pleaded with her saying that he'd do anything she wanted. Jen took him by the ear, dragged him inside and ordered him to strip. She pulled out her strapon dildo and him to suck on it, then had her way with his virgin ass, thrusting it deep inside!


Updated December 10, 2007 Marcus got caught tipping the delivery guy with a tongue-wrestling match. Laeticia was so shocked because she had no idea her husband was bisexual. She got really angry and decided to give him exactly what he wanted. She pulled out a strapon dildo and made him choke on it, then she ripped off all his clothes and fucked him in the ass with it!


Updated December 3, 2007 Mona had this sleazy guy hitting on her at the club, but instead of kicking his ass she decided to humiliate him. She played nice and brought him to her home. Mona asked him to strip his clothes off first and he was quick to do so. Then she went to the other room and came back with a strapon dildo! She first made him deepthroat it, then she wore it and fucked him hard in the ass! It's not what he was hoping for when he went home with Mona to get laid!


Updated November 26, 2007 Jerome was hired to do yardwork at his boss Amy's house. He was about to water the plants when he discovered that she had left her purse outside. He tried to stuff the purse in his shirt but Amy just used it as a trap! She came back as soon as he had taken the bait and dragged him inside to call the cops. He pleaded for his job and said he'd do anything for her. She took him up on the offer and whipped out her strapon dildo, shoving it down his throat and then fucking him in the ass!


Updated November 19, 2007 Annie Cruz was bored because her boyfriend works all day so she spends a lot of her time in the tub masturbating. But today her boyfriend, Joey Brass, came home early to find her in the tub and wanted to join in on the fun. She stepped out, soaking wet, and undressed him. Then she got on her knees and jerked him off. To finish she grabbed her vibrator and pushed it in and out of his ass while she made him cum!


Updated November 12, 2007 Kylie's mom hired some help to clean the back yard and pool. But Kylie went to check on his progress and found him lying around, with no work done. She threatened to get him fired, but he pleaded and said he'll do anything to save his job. Kylie brought him in the house to play with him for a little while. She had him strip naked and shoved her strapon dildo in his mouth before ass-fucking him senseless!


Updated November 5, 2007 It's too hot to go outside, the cable is out, and Amber Rayne is bored and horny because her boyfriend Dereck Pierce is stuck in traffic. So when Derek comes home Amber cuts right to the chase and starts rubbing his cock through his pants. She throws her clothes in the corner of the room and pulls off Dereck's pants. She lubes up his cock with her tonsils first then jerks him off while she tongue-fucks his asshole and fingers her pussy!


Updated October 29, 2007 Ian had been stealing products from his work but his boss Kayla Quinn finally caught him. She gave him two options: go to jail, or submit to her sexual imagination. Of course he didn't want to go to jail, so he started undressing as Kayla pulled out a strapon dildo. She stuffed it in his mouth, and later fucked him hard in the ass!







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