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Mike was taking classes at his local college and he recently found out he failed his final exam. Rather than having to take summer class he decided to break into the classroom and steal the exam. While breaking into the room, his teacher caught him and decided to teach him a lesson. She gave him the option of being expelled from school, or being taught a painful lesson. Reluctantly he agreed to a very deep anal punishment.


Vicky's ex-boyfriend Dave had been arrested for stealing from her and Vicky was excited. She knew his lawyer would end up bailing him out and she was still pissed that Dave broke up with her. Vicky decided she wanted him to be punished like a real man. Luckily, Vicky knows the guard at the local precinct and was able to arrange some punishment time. Vicky pulled out a strapon dildo and with the officer's help, shoved it up Dave's ass, then proceeded to fuck him deep in the asshole!


Lily came home from work and found her boyfriend resting on the couch. She was extremely horny and couldn't wait to get her hands on him! She quickly stripped off her clothing exposing her beautiful firm breasts and tight body. She then unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and gave him an great handjob!


After cheerleading practice, Christine went to the locker room to change and found one of her classmates going through her locker. She said she was going to tell the principal and get him expelled from school but he begged her not to tell on him. He told her he would do anything she asked as long as she did not get him kicked out of school. She opened her locker and pulled out a strapon and told him to bend over. Reluctantly, he agreed. Watch as she punishes him with a thick strapon anal fucking!


Kenny's girlfriend caught him cheating again with her best friend and was not too happy about it. She decided that instead of kicking him out of their apartment she should get her sweet revenge. If he really wanted to remain her boyfriend he would to have to be taught a hard lesson. After pulling out a thick dildo and gaving him his choice, between taking it deep or moving the hell out. Kenny ultimately decided to take it deep up his ass!


Bill ran up the credit card bill and his girlfriend got really pissed off. She was so upset because Bill hasn't had a job for the past 2 months!. She decided to kick him out of the house, but he begged and pleaded to stay. She decided to let him stay but felt he needed to be punished with a big, thick strap-on! She shoved the strap-on deep into his ass while he squealed in pain!


Jim's girlfriend went out of town for the day, and when she returned found that her boyfriend did not clean their apartment. She was really pissed off and decided to punish him. She pulled out a vibrator and stuck it in his ass! She put it into his mouth and made him suck on it. After getting it nice and lubricated he attached it to a strap on, and fucked him extremely hard in the ass!


Henry was shopping at the mall, when he noticed a nice shirt he wanted to get for his girlfriend. He noticed the price was more than he wanted to spend so he decided to try to steal it. As he was tucking it into his shirt, the owner of the store caught him red handed. She threatened to call the police on him, but Henry begged and pleaded with her not to turn him in. Unfortunately for him, she had a better idea in mind! She pulled out a strapon and told him she was going to teach him a very painful lesson! Watch as she completely dominates him with a thick hard strapon.


Jeff never paid the gas bill and the heat was shut off. His girlfriend, Gina, had to shower for work the next day and was really pissed off that she was unable to do so. She was so pissed off that he would be so irresponsible she decided to teach him a lesson. She pulled out a strapon dildo and made him suck on it. Once he had enough of the dildo, she bent him over and shoved it deep into his ass!


Teddy lost his job because he was caught masturbating in his cubicle. When his girlfriend got home from work he worked up some tears to try and soften her wrath. But when she saw him crying she called him a pussy and pulled out her strapon dildo to fuck him in the ass with! She told him if he was going to act like the bitch in the relationship she was going to treat him like one!


Mia got some bad news from her boyfriend at work. Turns out that he got fired for his 3rd job this year! She had enough of her deadbeat boyfriend so she told him to pack his stuff and leave. He begged for mercy and offered her anything she wanted. She figured that she'd already paid enough in supporting him, she might as well get her money's worth. So she pulled out a strapon dildo and told him if she was the one going to act like the man in the relationship and pay his bills, then he would need to be treated like the bitch!


George was hitting on his girlfriend Betsy's friends and it didn't take long to get back to her. When she heard that he's a lying cheat, Betsy wanted to kick him out on the street, but her friend Vanessa had a kinky idea. She brought over her dildos and when George came home she gave him a strip tease. He thought he was going to fuck them both, but he soon realized those dildos were meant for his ass!







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