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Female, Shemale & Guy Taking Turns Fucking Each Other!
Tim's girlfriend had a friend at work who really turns her on, but she didn't want to cheat on Tim. She brought it up with him and he agreed to a threesome with her. When the two girls came over, they started to get naked and he saw that this new friend has a dick! She was an incredibly gorgeous shemale, so he decided to go along with it. They both stroked his cock and he let her new friend fuck him deep in the ass!


Josh went to his Doctor's office for his yearly checkup. His Doctor was asking him some preliminary questions when he admitted to her he had unprotected anal sex with a few girls. When he told his Doctor this, she got extremely upset. "Do you know how dangerous that could be?" she screamed at him. She decided the only way she could get the message across to him was with a hands on demonstration. She pulled out a strapon, and a condom. After teaching him how to properly put the condom on the dildo she stripped him, gave him a hard bare botom spanking then proceeded to fuck him in the ass with the dildo! "See how bad this feels" she said to him while fucking him in the ass."Getting an STD would feel 100 times worse!"

Bonus Update From Sam was shopping for his girlfriend when he saw an amazing pair of panties he knew his girlfriend would love. He decided to steal them so he wouldn't have to pay. Unfortunately for him one of the girls saw him put them in his pocket and confronted him with the store managers. They were going to call the police, but he begged them to reconsider. The decided the only way for this guy to learn his lesson would be complete humiliation. The took his clothing and gave him the most humiliating and teasing experience of his life!


A Guy, A Girl & A Tranny! Hard Bareback Fucking!
James got some home from work and found his griendfriend and her friend hanging out together. James girlfriend asked him if she thought her friend Lisa was cute. He was a little shy but replied that he thought she was very cute. James then got the shock of his life. His girlfriend asked if he wanted to have a threesome with both of them. He thought he was about to have the time of his ife until Lisa's friend pulled down her pants to reveal a huge cock! Lisa then pulled out a strapon and he realized he was the one who was about to get fucked!


Heather had this sleazy guy, James, hitting on her whie she was at work, so she decided to humiliate him. She played nice and brought him to her home. Heather asked James to strip his clothes off. Then she went to the other room and came back with a strapon dildo! She first made him deepthroat it, then she wore it and fucked him hard in the ass!


Tranny, Real Girl & And A Guy!
Bareback Anal Fucking! The Shemale & Female Take Turns
Fucking The Guy Then The Shemale Gets Fucked Too!


Feminization Special + Spanking, Anal!
The security officer at the local jail as sick and tired of having to babysit Mike. She was extremely bored, and she had nothing to do except sit around and do nothing. Finally, she decided that she was going to have some fun with her prisoner and fuck him in the ass with her favorite toy. He pleaded with her not to, but she says, "Let me fuck you in the ass with my strapon and I'll let you go free!"


John was at the pool hall shooting pool when his girlfriend showed up. He was supposed to be out looking for a job, but instead was wasting time playing around. She was very upset and decided the only option was to teach him a lesson. She screamed at him "If I'm going to have to act like the man in the relationship and pay the bills, them I'm going to act like the man and treat you like the bitch" as she pulled out a thick strapon dildo!


Richard had been smoking cigarettes while he was at work and his boss Nancy finally caught him red handed. She gave him two options, he could be fired instantly or submit to her sexual fantasies. Of course Richard didn't want to go to jail, so he started undressing as Nancy pulled out her large, strapon dildo. She stuffed it in his mouth, and later fucked him extremely hard in the ass!


Peter was nailed by his girlfriend Taylor when she found out he had cheated on her with her best friend Tina. She slapped him in the face and wanted to kick him out of her house, but she had a brainstorm and decided on a better way to punish him. She fetched a strapon dildo her girlfriend left and put it on. She ordered Peter to strip and then she bent him over the couch and fucked him up the ass hard!


Franks wife was out shopping with her friends when they made a confession to her. They told her that her husband recently tried to have sex with the two girls. When Frank's wife Michelle got home she was fuming mad. He tried to deny he did anything wrong, but Michelle's friends told her the entire story in front of him, and he had nothing to say. She was pissed off and decided the only way to get revenge was to teach him a lesson he would never forget. She pulled out a strapon dildo, and with the help of her two best friends they gave him a deep strapon fucking he would never forget. After his ass was nice and sore, she said the two girls could release his sexual tension. Controlling his cock, the two girls slowly jerked him nice and slowly and right as he was about to experience an intense orgasm, they abruptly stopped. Giving him a horrible case of blue balls, and a very painful unsatisfying release.


Jeremy had a court date and met with Mrs. Helmen to find out his punishment. He was convicted of sexual harassment so the judge decided a strict punishment would be in order. She ordered him to remove all his clothing then had him receive a bare bottom spanking. Once his ass was nice and red, the judge ordered the lawyer to fuck him in the ass with a thick strapon dildo!


Eric ran up the credit card bill again! And his girlfriend Kelly was extemely pissed. She was mostly upset bceause Eric hasn't had a job for the past 3 months. Kelly decided to kick him out, but he begged and pleaded for one more chance. She decided to let him stay but felt he needed to be punished with a thick strapon! Kelly instructed him to suck on the strapon, then she shoved it deep into his ass!







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