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Jonathan was called in to fix the plumbing in a hotel suite. While he was fixing the plumbing he saw a $20 bill on the table and pocketed it. Little did he know the girl staying in the room caught him doing so. She threatened to call the cops, but he begged her not to. He said he would do anything to make it up. She pulled out a strapon and told him to get onto the bed. He was reluctant and first, but didn't want to lose his job or get arrested so he did everything she said to!


Paul visited the massage parlor for a quick rub and tug. He was very excited when his masseuse turned out to be a beautiful petite blonde. She started off giving him a nice relaxing topless massage. After a few minutes she noticed he was getting hard. She told him before she was going to jerk him off she had a surprise for him. She pulled out some anal beads without him realizing it, and slowly inserted them deep into his ass. He was very uncomfortable, but he was didn't want to say anything and ruin his chances of getting a handjob!


Lee was begging his girlfriend all week for sex. She told him she was not in the mood, but finally made him an offer. She told him she would allow him to fuck her only if she could fuck him. He didn't think it was such a bad idea until she pulled out a thick blue strapon and shoved it deep into his ass!


David came home from work and found his girlfriend and her best friend talking in his room. After his girl's best friend left, David made a remark how beautiful her friend was. This got his girlfriend extremely jealous. She decided she needed a way to show him! She pulled out a purple strap on and told David if he did not follow her orders she would leave him! David reluctantly agreed...Watch what she maded him to do!


Eric was hired as a personal secretary for a very bitchy women. His main job was to listen and do exactly what he was told by her. She told him to get into her office and strip off his clothing. He was a little hesitant, but he didnt want to risk losing his job. She him to strip off his clothing, lick her ass, suck on a strapon before getting fucked deep in his ass!


Jason had a huge project to work on for his boss, but instead of working decided to download porn. While his boss was checking up on his progress she came upon the porn and was really pissed off. She was going to fire him, but he was the only one who could finish the project on time. Instead, she decides to give him a very humiliating punishment!


Michael lost his job so his girlfriend has been paying the bills. It's 3 months since he's brought home any money and his girlfriend is sick and tired of him being so lazy. She decided since she was acting like the man in the family she was going to treat him like the bitch! She pulls out a strapon and tells him if he wants to not work, he's going to have to learn how to become the women in the relationship and that all women must know how to take a cock deep in their ass!


Updated February 12, 2007 Jason was the star quarterback for his college football team. After a week of heavy practice he visited the massage parlor for a relaxing massage. Little did he know the two girls working there had a huge crush on him. They started off giving him a nice relaxing massage, but they decided to take advantage of their power and give him an anal massage! Watch as he gets humiliated with a deep anal insertion!


Updated February 5, 2007 Michael's girlfriend Veronica Rayne called him to tell him she was going to be home late for work. While he was waiting for her to get home, his girlfriends best friend stopped by. Michael tried to hit on her, and she was upset that he would disrespect his girlfriend, who was her best friend. As he was trying to make the moves on her, Veronica came home and confronted him. She was pissed off and had the perfect way to teach him a lesson!


Updated January 29, 2007 Jerome visits the Doctor to get an exam. His regular doctor is away on vacation so his full in is a beautiful Doctor named Kayla Quinn, and her nurse Angela Stone. He was very embarrassed to have to strip off his clothing in front of the two doctors. After stripping off his clothing he was given a very humiliating exam including a finger deep in his ass!


Updated January 22, 2007 Cheyenne came home to her house and found her boyfriend hanging out instead of doing his house chores. He was very horny and begged her for a handjob. She agreed, only under the condition that she can experiment with ass! He reluctantly agrees. Watch as he gets his ass licked, then fingered while getting his cock stroked!


Updated January 15, 2007 Bobby is hired by a women to do some work around her office. She catches him fooling around when he is supposed to be working and threatens to fire him. He begs for his job, and she tells him that if he wants to keep his job he will have to do as she says...he reluctantly agrees and she pulls out a strapon dildo. Watch she she makes him do next!


Paul was on vacation and happened to find an open room. He walked into the room and started going through the stuff hoping to find something to keep him busy. While he was going through the stuff, the girl staying in the room happened to walk in. She was really pissed off and threatened to call the police unless Paul complied with all her demands. He reluctantly agreed, and she was anxious for payback! Watch as she makes him to suck on a strapon before fucking him deep in his ass!







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