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Paul is a freshman at college and was dating a Senior at the same school. She was very controlling and Paul being the push over always let her have her way. One day he came over to her room 10 minutes late. She decided she was going to punish him! She pulled out a strap on and told him to suck on it. He was confused, but too scared to say no for the fear of her breaking up with him. She then him get on his hands and knees and the huge strap on deep into his virgin tight ass!


Mike walked in on his beautiful friend while she was changing her clothing. They start talking, and the next thing you know he has her bent over the bed and licking her ass! While he is licking her ass, her roommate walks in on them and is quick to join in. The girls help Mike out of his clothing and start sucking his cock. They lay him down on the bed and they take turns; one sucks his cock while the other licks and plays with his asshole!


Chris has been dating his girlfriend for 3 months and is very scared she is going to break up with him. He agrees with everything she asks him to do and never says "no" or disagrees with her decisions. Chris forgot to clean the apartment so his girlfriend is extremely pissed off when she gets home from work. She pulls out a strapon and to Chris's surprise it into his mouth. She then puts the strapon on and makes Chris bend over and she fucks him extremely hard in his ass!


Paul has a very bitchy girlfriend. She is very beautiful and he's scared she will break up with him so he listens to everything she asks. They were watching televsion when she told him to change the channel. He refused and she got pissed off! She pulled out a strapon and told him he was going to be punished for talking back to her! Watch as he gets the strapon shoved hard into his tight ass!


Jack came home to find his girlfriend very pissed off. He forgot to take the laundry out of the dryer and all the clothing was wrinkled. She works 10 hours a day, takes care of the house, and Jack sits around and does nothing. She finally hit her boiling point and gave Jack final ultimatum. Either move out or get punished with a very hard anal strapon! Having no money and no place to go Jack choose to take the punishment like a man!


Working for a Sabrina is a real bitch. She gets very moody and when she has a bad day everyone around her feels it! Including her secretary. She calls him into the office, has him strip off his clothing and lie on the desk. She then pulled out a strapon dildo, put it on, and took out all of her aggression on his ass!


Tom is a very passive boyfriend. His girlfriend Sara makes all the rules, tells him what he is going to do, even takes care of all their bills. He is basically a worthless guy, and Sara is always quick to let him know how worthless he really is. She pulls out a strapon and tells him its time for his weekly punishment. Without putting up a fight he slowly undresses, gets on the couch and bends over. Watch as his girlfriend then fucks him hard and fast in his tight ass!


Brian has been trying forever to get his girlfriend to have anal sex with him. She told him it would not happen until she could first fuck his ass. Finally one day he caved in and said, "Fine, I'll let you fuck me in the ass with a strapon as long as you let me fuck you in the ass when we are done". Little did he know what he just committed to! He was in such pain when she got done, that he didn't even want to fuck her in the ass any longer!!!


Julia came home from work and found her boyfriend snooping through her stuff. He was looking at a strapon dildo and confronted her with it. She was pissed off he would go through her stuff so she decided to show him how it was used. She him onto the bed, stripped off his clothing and proceeded to fuck him with the thick strapon!


Adam moved in with his girlfriend and has been very lazy. He sits around all day and watches television while she works. She got home from a long day of work and was fed up with him being a waste. She told him if he wanted to continue living the good life he was going to have to give up something. She pulled out a strapon and shoved it into his mouth. Just when he thought she was done, she put on the strapon and told him to bend over!


Henry visited the local "Happy Ending" Massage Parlor for a massage. He was very happy to see his big breasted masseuse who was known for being a little erotic! She started his back massage and moved right to his ass. He did not expect what happened next! She pulled out a pink vibrator and slowly inserted it deep into his ass! He was very uncomfortable, but too way too shy to tell her to stop! After a few minutes of torture, she removed the vibrator and finished him off with a BJ & handjob


Frank worked for a cleaning service and had a huge crush on his boss. While he was cleaning her office he finally his move. He reached over and grabbed her breast and tried to kiss her. She was not having it! She told him, "So you want to fuck me?" He knodded his head yes. "If you want to fuck me that badly, you will first let me fuck you!" she said as she pulled out a strapon!







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