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After coming home smelling of women's perfume his g/f was ready to leave, then she thought of a good lesson to teach him, she bends him over and spanks his ass, then she goes and puts a strapon on. He started to freak out but before he could really say anything she shoves it into his mouth! She then rams it deep into his man hole! Watch the entire video inside the members area to see how far she takes it!


Tim's g/f came home and found him talking to one of his ex girlfriends, this really pissed her off and she wanted to teach him a lesson he would never forget! She takes him and bends him over her knees and then she spanks him bare handed, she then pulls out her strapon she uses with her g/f. He almost shit himself when he saw this!! She then straddles him and shoves it deep into his tight man hole! You'll have to watch the video to see how pissed she really was and if he could take the anal fucking she was given.


Scott was being lazy today and both his roommates had enough, so they wanted to teach him a lesson he would never forget! They started off spanking him, then they got their strapon's and shoved one in his mouth and one in his ass! They treated him like a she bitch! They fucked and stuffed him with rubber cock till he couldn't take it anymore! Watch the entire video of these babes stuffing Scott's holes!


Kaylee came home to find her neighbor John sniffing her panties, so instead of calling the cops, she wanted to teach him a lesson! She first bends him over and spanks his ass, then she then gets him and herself undressed and shoves her strapon down his throat. She bends him over and shoves it deep into his tight virgin man ass. Watch the entire video too see what all she does to this poor panties snifter named John!


Talk about two lucky guys, these guys get fucked and stuffed full of strap on cock! She even spanked their bottoms! Watch this very hardcore movie of this big tit blond shoving her strapon cock deep into their asshole!


This dude really fucked up bad, his girl caught him looking at the ass of her best friend! So instead of kicking his out on the street she decided to teach him a lesson. She first pulls his pants downs and starts spanking his ass till it turns red hot. She then inserts her finger deep into his man pussy, she shoves her finger so deep he squeals like a pig. She then continues to spank him for a long time! Watch this awesome video of this poor dude getting fingered fucked and spanked like a little bitch!


This movie is different, we spiced it up allot, she spanks them both, then sits her big thick ass on their faces, she then fucks both their asses. Then she decides to humiliate one guy more, she makes him lick the others guys ass and suck the guys cock all the while shes fucking him. Then she has the one guy fuck the other in the ass. Real hot movie, featuring hot straight guys who where anal virgins.


Jenny doesn't really pout up with much BS, she hired this guy 18 years old to run some errands, and instead of working she catches him playing games online and surfing porn sites. She decided that the only way he will learn to behave is to humiliate him. She started by putting him over her knees for a very hard spanking, then she bent him over and fucked his ass with a extra long strap on. She made sure the strap on goes all the way in, it's obvious this is his first time getting fucked. She then fucks him missionary style until he cums. The scene has lots of hot elements to it, real amazing movie.


Over the years many members wrote in requesting certain things, in this video, even thou its a bit longer than usual we cover those things. Watch this real hot girl take this twink guy and dominate and humiliate him every possible way. She takes her thick ass and sits on his face then puts him over her knees for a good spanking. He fucks him every way possible including she makes him ride her big thick strapon. The pictures don't do this movie justice!


Get ready to watch one of our best movies yet, this movie alone is worth the cost of this site. Jessica catches her boyfriend cheating, she looks thru his phone to find out that he fucked her girlfriends ass. She tells him shes dumping him unless he takes a special punishment she has in mind. Her boyfriend never had anything up his ass and was never submissive, but things changed. She starts off by giving him a good hard spanking over her knees. Then she makes him worship her big bubble butt. He must use his tounge to fuck her ass. Then the real fun starts, she puts on a strapon and fucks his tight asshole in every position possible. Tons of great action in this movie. You will love it!


2 girls dominate a guy and humiliate him every way possible, first this super hot black girls that spanks really hard puts him over her knees and spanks him on his pants first then she pulls his underwear down exposing an already red ass and continues to spank him hard. Then they have him dress up in girly panties and pantyhose and continue the spanking session. The black girl then decides to tease him and sits on his face where her rock hard bubble butt and smothers him. Hot long movie you will love.


She teases him with her hot body, her amazing ass, but there is a catch, he's not going to fuck her but rather she's going to fuck him. He never got fucked up his ass but I guess there is always a first time. She gives him a good over the knee spanking then fucks him like the little bitch he is. First in missionary then she bends him over like a little slut and fucks him hard and long like the little whore he is. Hot stuff amazing movie.







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